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Our Initial Draw will take place on 21st of April 2019, we shall be celebrating Easter. The winner of Easter day lotto draw will also recieve a suprise gift on behalf of the Betonfutures community

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Bet on Futures ofCommodities, Forex, Bitcoin

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Stop Hodling onto shitcoins, bet on futures with them and stand a chance to win big in Bitcoin.

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Betting on Horse races with your Crypto

All International races will be covered

Stop Hodling shitcoins - bet with them and win in Bitcoin

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Crypto Lotto Mega Millions (EASTER DRAW)

S53SGE (Russia)
E62SQE (China)
SQE62E (Uganda)
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General Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Can i Play with any crypto currency?

You are able to play with any of the listed crypto currencies.

Is there any other method of purchasing my tickets other than crypto?

You are able to buy your tickets through Paypal.

If i win how will i get my winnings?

Once your a winner, We shall make contact with you and once we verify your Identity we shall transfer the value of your winnings in Bitcoin to your approved bitcoin wallet within 24hrs, in case you also win the car, your car will be delivered to you within 12 working days after verification.

Are there any other games i can play with crypto?

Yes. you can predit the futures market of commodities including sporting events and stand a chance to win Big.

How Do I Activate My Account?

An email verification has to be done by you to activate your account.

Who is running is a community of crypto currency enthusiasts who believe in making people rich even in a bear market.

What is the minimum bet value?

A minimum bet value is USD 10.00.

Is there a Refferal Bonus?

Yes, there is a refferal bonus of USD $10.00 for every member you introduce who successfully places his/her first bet.

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